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There are no better investment opportunities anywhere else in Europe.

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Attractive and dynamic – the Leipzig economic region

Region Leipzig boasts all kinds of attractive features. The economy is going in the right direction; companies have highly qualified skilled workers and enthusiastic managers at their disposal; the region's infrastructure is second to none; and the education and quality of life are among the best in the country.

Companies in central Germany have performed spectacularly over the last 5 years. The industry, trade and service sectors are extremely positive about their prospects going forward – the best possible indicator for successful investment in the region.

Economic power

Region Leipzig is in the top ten in terms of attracting companies, as ranked by the Financial Times following a study of 350 European cities and regions.

Ten goods reasons to choose Region Leipzig

Cumulative economic power: Porsche and BMW have set up cutting-edge plants in the area, providing unique opportunities in the Leipzig region. But innovative medium-sized companies from the fields of IT...

A safe investment – Region Leipzig

One thing that you can rely on is that Leipzig is committed to the principle of legal certainty. In addition to the established legal framework of the EU, Germany and the Free State of Saxony, this is...

The right kind of support for any project

A wide range of investment grants are available in Region Leipzig. These include funds from the joint scheme for improving regional economic structures or for technology subsidies. In 2012...

An outstanding workforce

A large part of the success experienced by companies moving to Region Leipzig is down to the availability of highly qualified and motivated skilled workers. A valuable asset for companies looking to get their foot in the door in this ambitious region...

Ideally situated commercial real estate

The Leipzig conurbation, centred around the growing city of Leipzig (current population over 530,000) has a number of suitable locations for industrial companies and businesses to move into. Brilliantly designed, modern commercial real estate with direct motorway access and...

Strengths: health care industry

The diverse research landscape in Region Leipzig is a major plus point. A strong message for businesses: in addition to its proven track record in the field of basic research, the Leipzig region is particularly strong when it comes to applied research...

Trans-European transport corridors

Since the middle of the 90s, some of the best transport infrastructure in Europe has been built around the Leipzig economic region. Most existing motorways along central trans-European traffic and transport corridors have been expanded to six lanes...

Education for the future

Region Leipzig's strength in research and development is impressive and is an important pillar of the economic region. The University of Leipzig alone has already collaborated on more than 500 projects with business partners...

A good place to live

Region Leipzig is a good place to live. The modern metropolitan area has a strong culture of hospitality and provides an outstanding quality of life. Find out more


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