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Grants of up to 30 per cent are available in Region Leipzig.

A wide range of investment grants are available in Region Leipzig. These include funds from the joint scheme for improving regional economic structures or for technology subsidies. In 2012, for instance, grants were awarded to 41 commercial projects in Leipzig alone: technology grants totalled 23 million euro. Joint research and development projects received 20 million euro. The business development programme and Sächsische AufbauBank of the Free State of Saxony can provide support and advice to help with applications for state grants. Even though the region is no longer among the first in line for funding from the EU owing to the growth of its economy, the transitional arrangements for the next grant period will ensure that investors will continue to receive support in the years to come.

In addition to providing investment grants, the European Union also provides low-interest subordinated loans to support the investment plans of SMEs.

Region Leipzig is ideal for medium-sized companies. Microloans are available to make it easier for start-ups to commit to the region. Furthermore, Bürgschaftsbank Sachsen acts as guarantor for start-up entrepreneurs. Sächsische AufbauBank also has a specific guarantee scheme. The City of Leipzig's grant programme for medium-sized companies is also available.

There is also the option for the Free State of Saxony to cover a large part of a business's HR-related start-up costs.

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