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Top-notch workers – in high demand

The health sector isn't the only one in Region Leipzig with a top-notch workforce.

A large part of the success experienced by companies moving to Region Leipzig is down to the availability of highly qualified and motivated skilled workers. A valuable asset for companies looking to get a foot in the door in this ambitious region is that they can be confident of quickly achieving productivity rates on a par with established competitor regions by making use of financing structures that are adapted to modern business.

The Leipzig economic region boasts a labour force participation rate of 81.2 per cent (2011), an extremely high figure compared to elsewhere in Europe and Germany. The upshot in terms of the ambitious economic goals of this rising region, however, is that competition for the best workers is intense, and there is consistently high demand for more young creatives to move to the region.

Skilled workers in Region Leipzig receive top-class training and benefit from outstanding development opportunities.

Invest Region Leipzig is always looking for the best and brightest, and has an appealing lifestyle in store for them. Among the important target demographic of young graduates or those just starting out on their careers, Leipzig is enjoying a growing reputation as a great place to live and work. It is seen as a growing city with good employment opportunities and an excellent quality of life. Since 2008, the number of workers in Leipzig who are liable for National Insurance has risen by around 23,750 (14 per cent) to 228,990 (mid-2013).

All the signs point towards Region Leipzig's continued development as a region capable of providing modern, capital-intensive support for manufacturing companies and service providers in order to meet the foreseeable challenges in the market for top-class workers at every skill level. The region can provide highly qualified workers who are ready to add significant value to your company.


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