A stable region and a stable framework

Leipzig is home to the Federal Administrative Court.

One thing that you can rely on is that Leipzig is committed to the principle of legal certainty. In addition to the established legal framework of the EU, Germany and the Free State of Saxony, this is particularly true when it comes to the region's business-friendly legislation. Specifically because of the significant existing investment in the region, and the permit procedures required to put this in place, the relevant courts already have valuable expertise in the proper application and prompt implementation of complex legislation pertaining to business practices, finance, taxes, financial assistance and the environment.

A clear legal framework, streamlined administrative processes and reliable, easily understood permit decisions are there to help and simplify plans to invest in Region Leipzig, no matter how big or small they may be. This guarantees that companies are provided with reliable and timely support when it comes to implementing their strategies. You can benefit from this thoroughness and security. Your investment decision will find a secure framework and knowledgeable advisers in Region Leipzig.

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Saxony & Leipzig

This section will provide you with important statistics about the potential and performance of the state of Saxony and the city of Leipzig, as well as some key economic indicators.

We have put together the most important figures for you:

Statistics for the city of Leipzig

Latest statistics for Saxony

The regional economy

The Leipzig Chamber of Trades and Chamber of Commerce and Industry compile the most important structural data on an annual basis in order to document and describe the performance trends of the Leipzig region.

The latest figures put together by the two regional chambers are available here:

Regional economic information provided by the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Data provided by the Leipzig Chamber of Trades

District authority data

There is some useful data demonstrating the positive economic performance of the districts authorities of North Saxony and Leipzig in recent years. Both districts are extremely attractive business locations.

The latest structural data from the two district authorities is available here:

District authority of North Saxony

District authority of Leipzig


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