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Strengthen strengths – with a practical sector strategy

Region Leipzig is focussed on select forward-looking sectors. Growth-oriented and structurally developed sectors will receive targeted support in line with the motto "Strengthen your strengths". Ten sectors put forward a strong case for being considered key industries owing to their performance and potential.

Automotive: dynamic sector

This sector has undergone a particularly dramatic development since the arrival of the Porsche factory between the freight hub and the airport in 2002. The second premium German manufacturer, BMW, followed in 2005...

Chemical industry: a sector driven by innovation

Region Leipzig, particularly Böhlen, south of Leipzig, forms the south-eastern part of the long-standing yet modern "Chemiedreieck", the Middle German Chemical Triangle, which includes several hundred companies as well as numerous partners, such as universities and other research institutes...

Energy and the environment: considering the future

Renowned companies from the energy and environmental sector are headquartered in Region Leipzig. This includes Verbundnetz Gas AG, the company with the highest revenue in eastern Germany, as well as the European Energy Exchange. VNG is a gas importer and wholesaler that has also acquired...

Health: cutting-edge research in Leipzig

"Invest Region Leipzig" provides a platform for cooperation between university research under laboratory conditions and the initial commercial application of innovations, especially in the area of healthcare and biotechnology. Intensive government funding as part of...

Logistics: global economic cycle

Since the arrival of DHL Express at Leipzig Halle Airport, Region Leipzig has developed into a logistics hub of global importance. Leipzig Halle Airport lies at the heart of this momentum...

Food industry: regional and fresh

Companies from a range of areas in the food industry, together with their agricultural suppliers, are one of the economic pillars of Region Leipzig, bringing together the big city metropolitan area and rural areas nearby...

Mechanical engineering: global production

Since industrialisation, Leipzig has been famous for its mechanical engineering and vehicle construction around the world: global market leader in printing and book binding machines, rotary spindle machines, aircraft – even cableways such as the one at Table Mountain in Cape Town were manufactured in Leipzig. Following the industrial rejuvenation...

IT and e-commerce: the future of trade

Trade has made Leipzig famous and bestowed wealth on the city in the past. Trade is synonymous with change, and over the past few years numerous e-commerce companies have settled in Leipzig. Amazon established its second-largest...

Creative industries: from media to decision-makers

Leipzig, once the world's leading centre for printing and publishing, is now an attractive media location with a young publishing scene. The Leipzig Book Fair, Germany's largest festival of literature attracts...


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