Appetising, regional, healthy – one region serving it up

Fruit and vegetables from Region Leipzig stand for quality.

Companies from a range of areas in the food industry, together with their agricultural suppliers, are one of the economic pillars of Region Leipzig, bringing together the big city metropolitan area and rural areas nearby.

Valuable natural spaces and an agricultural tradition shaped over hundreds of years form the basis for high-quality agricultural products and lay the foundation for sustainable food production, processing and refining.

Short paths from the producers through to processing the raw agricultural materials are cultivated as a quality characteristic.

Wurzener Nahrungsmittel GmbH is one of eastern Germany's most successful food companies.

The broad spectrum of food companies ranges from specialist producers of regional products through to the subsidiaries of international companies. Gemüsebau Kyhna, Obstland Dürrweitschen AG, Gräfendorfer Geflügel- und Tiefkühlfeinkost GmbHDelitzscher Schokoladen Fabrik, Wurzener Dauerbackwaren GmbH, anona GmbH, Colditz, Krostitzer Brauerei and the Leipziger Brauhaus zu Reudnitz are just a few of the renowned producers, all with decades of tradition, who are using their high-quality delicacies and specialities to gain a foothold in markets in other regions.

Wurzener-branded items from the area of grain products (cornflakes, rice and snacks), Wurzener pastries (from the von de Beukelaer Group), fruit from Saxony, poultry from Mutzschen, fish from Wermsdorf and Delitzscher chocolates and confectionery all enjoy brand status. The rising quality requirements in the area of food production are driving numerous innovations in other sectors. The regional and cross-regional networking of companies, institutions and research and education institutions is contributing to the innovation boost in the food industry.

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Performance profile

  • The food industry in Region Leipzig is one of the region's growth sectors. The proximity of producers and processors guarantees the freshness of the processed products and represents a competitive advantage.
  • More than 20 renowned companies from the food industry produce famous brand products in Region Leipzig for the national and international market.
  • Over 350 companies operate in agriculture, food production, processing and refining in Region Leipzig.

    Sector focal points

    • Confectionery
    • Frozen products
    • Health products
    • Fruit juices
    • Dairy industry and dairy products
    • Meat industry, meat and poultry specialities
    • Infant food
    • Ready meals
    • Fruit, vegetable and potato industry


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