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Cutting-edge research for the benefit of mankind

The close ties between theory and practice distinguish the expertise of skilled workers.

Invest Region Leipzig provides a platform for cooperation between university research under laboratory conditions and the initial commercial application of innovations, especially in the area of healthcare and biotechnology. Intensive government funding as part of the biotechnology offensive by the Free State of Saxony provides support for this research-intensive area. The focus is the BIO CITY Leipzig, a technology and business start-up centre in the area of biotechnology, which was set up in 2003 and has established itself in the top group of comparable institutions in Germany.

Successful for over 11 years: BIO CITY, a technology and business start-up centre in the field of biotechnology, established in Leipzig.

25 companies which together employ over 500 people currently call BIO CITY Leipzig home. The Bio Cube opened in 2013. It offers everything required to attract and develop additional companies with a clear focus on biotechnology and biomedicine.

Adjacent development areas are available to expand the campus and provide outstanding conditions to support growing companies. Companies that have received support from the start-up business centre and which now have their corporate headquarters in Leipzig include renowned companies such as Vita 34 AG and Haema AG.
The area of fundamental research in BIO CITY is supported by the Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine at the University of Leipzig.

Key benefits include the close ties between theory and practice, i.e. between research results and application. Of particular note is the close collaboration between the University and companies and the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology, founded in Leipzig in 2005; among other activities, the Institute tests new active ingredients and develops biomarkers.

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The healthcare and biotechnology sector plays a pioneering role in Region Leipzig and is characterised by the pioneering spirit in science as well as leading research. Outstanding features of the set-up include the close link between university education and research and the innovation cycles in numerous start-ups, including the opportunity for pioneering companies to relocate in their growth phase – all under the umbrella of BIO CITY. This ensures interdisciplinary insights and short paths.


The emerging area of healthcare and biotechnology, primarily supported by BIO CITY Leipzig, embodies the productive cooperation between science and business. The practical fundamental research by pioneering faculties at the Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine (BBZ) at the University of Leipzig, located in BIO CITY, targets therapy and diagnostics in the areas of biomedicine, tissue engineering and molecule design. The aim of the guiding principle and motto "Vom Molekül zum Patienten" (From the molecule to the patient) is to increasingly shorten the time it takes for research results to become available for clinical application. The benefits can be measured in two directions – in the development of new marketable products as the basis for spinning off additional biotechnology companies by scientists as well as in the offer of cooperation opportunities for existing biotechnology/biomedicine companies.


BIO-NET LEIPZIG Technologietransfergesellschaft mbH – a society for technology transfer in biotechnology
biosaxony – the Saxon biotechnology cluster


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