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Spreadshirt is one of the most successful companies in the area of creative industries.

Leipzig, once the world's leading centre for printing and publishing, is now an attractive media location with a young publishing scene. Leipzig Book Fair, Germany's largest festival of literature, attracts over 200,000 visitors to Leipzig every spring, as well as publishers from around the world.

Leipzig as a media centre is primarily supported by the diverse performance profile and flexibility of numerous companies, the vast majority of which are in a growth phase.

A trademark of the sub-sector with the highest revenue – information and communication technology – is the extensive networking with other sectors of the economy that are targeting creative ideas and practical innovations, whether this is in logistics, health or environmental protection.

The city is also home to Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk and numerous other production companies in the TV industry, which also use the studios in Media City. The annual "Designers' open" festival on the fair grounds and at numerous locations in the inner city bears witness to a diverse range of creative works.

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Sector focal points

The breadth and diversity of media and creative industries in Region Leipzig are the result of their close, mutually inspiring interaction as well as their presence in seven important strategic directions in the economy and society. This ranges from Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (MDR) with their broadcasting headquarters in Leipzig as part of the ARD through to a range of radio stations and Leipzig Fernsehen as well as the fragmented agency segment and galleries and studios in the trendy artistic quarter, where the world-famous Leipziger Schule can be admired and new art movements can be discovered. They all reflect and make an important contribution to shaping the alert and restless spirit of the city and the entire region. The refreshing spirit of optimism across the majority of this economic sector is a sure sign of lively ideas, customer-friendly creative solutions and a universe of suitable cooperation opportunities.

Media and creative industries in Region Leipzig can be broken down into seven fields of activity:

• Information and communication technology
• Printing and publishing
• Broadcasting and film
• Music and theatre
• Advertising and public relations
• Architecture and design
• Trade fairs and services



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