Partner, guide and adviser

As a company operated by the city of Leipzig, the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the district authority of North Saxony and the district authority of Leipzig, the business development agency Region Leipzig GmbH works to achieve three central aims: as a relocation and business development agency, our main purpose is to encourage direct investment by attracting new businesses that will create employment, and furthermore to promote the recruitment of skilled workers to the region. Added to this is effective location marketing that is focussed on the two goals just mentioned and which will give the Leipzig economic region a sustainable position both nationally and internationally. We act as marketers for our region, as well as partners, guides and advisers for entrepreneurs who are interested in relocating or expanding.

Our activities are particularly focussed on finding practical solutions for entrepreneurs with quite specific and often unique business location requirements. As a result of the location of new enterprises in the various focal sectors, and irrespective of the size of the company, a healthy balance develops in the economic and entrepreneurial structure of Region Leipzig to the benefit of the competitiveness of our region. We are thus able to use our business development tools to create new, challenging employment opportunities and encourage the influx of skilled workers. This is a vital framework for a sustainable and profitable investment climate and thus for the growth of our INVEST REGION LEIPZIG.

Our services for you and for our region:

  • National and international location marketing for Region Leipzig
  • Direct contact with companies for information and advice on relocation and expansion opportunities in Region Leipzig
  • Interface for economic operators and authorities
  • Commercial real estate services and location search
  • Information on grants and facilitation of access to funding institutions
  • Facilitating access to credit institutions and commercial law firms
  • Active support in the recruitment of skilled workers
  • Business development and facilitation for partners in sector networks




Invest Region Leipzig GmbH

Managing Director Michael Körner
Markt 9, 04109 Leipzig
Tel.: +49 341 268277-70
Fax: +49 341 268277-99

Chairman of the Board of Partners
District Mayor Burkhard Jung
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Mayor Uwe Albrecht

A subsidiary of the city of Leipzig, Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and
Industry and the district authorities of North Saxony and Leipzig.