Up-and-coming location: a quality living environment

In Region Leipzig you can enjoy a high standard of living and many recreational benefits. Leipzig and the attractive surrounding area has plenty to offer every taste: living in the beautiful late nineteenth century area or the artistic district is just as achievable as relaxing in the wonderful heathland. Be our guest and allow yourself to be seduced by this vibrant, up-and-coming region. We have summarised all the most important information about the opportunities available in Region Leipzig.

Living in Region Leipzig

In the Leipzig area you can expect to have a high standard of living at a reasonable average rent of 4.50 euro/m² to 7 euro/m².

Transport links

Region Leipzig benefits from ideal transport links and a busy central railway station, strategic motorway links (A9, A14, A38, A72) and Leipzig Halle international airport. There is also a well-integrated public transport system linking trams, suburban trains and buses. 


The German school system is administered by each state authority (decentralised). In Saxony, and therefore in Region Leipzig, the education structure follows the guidelines laid down by the school system in Saxony.

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Studying in Region Leipzig

There are currently almost 40,000 students studying for an academic qualification in the city of Leipzig. The city offers both academic courses at universities and applied courses. The city also has a University of Cooperative Education, offering a combination of theoretical and practical studies. The city of Leipzig is furthermore home to a number of private higher education establishments. Internationally recognised qualifications can be awarded by the Leipzig higher education establishments after a short period of study.

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Dual vocational training

Dual vocational training combines practical business experience with school-based training. The apprentice signs a training contract with a particular firm for a period of 2 to 3.5 years, depending on the job description. The apprentice receives payment during training. A qualification is awarded at the end of the training.

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Daycare – pre-school provision

Region Leipzig has comprehensive childcare facilities. Children are cared for in day nurseries or daycare facilities. There is a legal entitlement to childcare from the age of 1 until the child starts school.

Family-friendly employers

The integration of work with family life is taken for granted in Region Leipzig and so are the equal rights of both men and women to participate in working life. With regard to recruiting skilled workers, employers in the region are investing increasingly in flexible working models insofar as operational circumstances allow. The firm that excels in this is BI Business Intelligence GmbH in Leipzig, holders of the "Success Factor Family" award.

Family-friendly city and district authorities

The city of Leipzig, together with the district authorities of Leipzig and of North Saxony, support the integration of work with family life by offering a range of additional services. Various organisational bodies are engaged in developing these family-friendly facilities and involving employers in them. These optimise family-friendly facilities such as childcare within the workplace or sponsoring care facilities as location factors. For further information click here.


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