Opportunities in Region Leipzig

The automotive and supplier industries are representative of other sectors, employing thousands of skilled workers in the region.

Working in Region Leipzig means being part of the vibrant development of this location and benefiting from it. It is the qualified skilled workers in all sectors who are the most important building blocks in the regional economy, giving it stability. A glance at the employment market statistics from the last three years reveals whether a location is really booming or whether it just claims to be: in this regard, the figures for Region Leipzig are impressive in all relevant sectors.

Employees for new success stories

Together we can write your success story in Region Leipzig because we know that skilled workers are the motor that drives commercial success – and we think you could be the next chapter. Skilled workers are continually being sought in the automotive, logistics and transportation sectors and are also welcome in metalworking, mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and agriculture.

Far-reaching changes will take place in the employment market in the next few years. On the one hand, our economy is growing, even booming, and needs an ever-increasing supply of qualified skilled workers. On the other hand, every few years more and more qualified skilled workers are leaving the workplace because they have reached retirement age. These workers have to be replaced and because of demographic changes they cannot all be recruited from within the region. This is why qualified personnel from other regions of Germany and abroad are more than welcome in this location.

Come to Region Leipzig; we are waiting for you! Seize the opportunities created for you by the changes in our employment market. Find out about our job prospects and the living environment in this up-and-coming region.

Key players in Region Leipzig

The portfolios of our key players are as varied as the region itself. Discover your own success story with our attractive companies. Our key players include internationally operating companies such as DHL, Porsche and BMW. The high-powered SMEs and dynamic, ambitious start-up enterprises offer outstanding and challenging career and development prospects for creative and innovative thinkers.

Move an entire region with our economy! We look forward to meeting you!

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Strong key players in the region

  • Transport, logistics and services
  • Retail, gastronomy and tourism
  • Trade and industry
  • IT and communications
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Life sciences and the creative industries
  • Science, research and technology
  • The food industry

Facts and figures

  • An increasing number of vacancies: currently around 10,000 jobs registered on our jobs exchange
  • Unemployment below 11.5% with continued positive trend
  • Services sector as a job creator: the sector with the most vacancies in the Leipzig area (Source: Chamber of Industry and Commerce [IHK] economy evaluation 02/2014)
  • 32.5% of IHK member companies in the Leipzig area were unable to fill their vacant posts within 2 months: skilled workers are needed today – we can't wait until tomorrow! (Source: IHK economy evaluation 02/2014)


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