Attractively designed and well-planned

Investors find attractive sites in the New Lakeland area for their planned relocations.

The Leipzig conurbation, centred around the growing city of Leipzig (current population over 530,000), has a number of suitable locations for industrial companies and businesses to move into. Brilliantly designed, modern commercial real estate with direct motorway connections – and in many cases with good rail links too – meet every requirement of medium-sized and large companies. In recent years, the arrival of companies like DHL, BMW and Porsche has earned the city and region the reputation of being able to handle projects of this scale in record time. Leipzig greets investors with a comprehensive service package instead of excessive bureaucracy.

The aerial view of the BMW plant in Leipzig demonstrates what kind of commercial real estate is available in the region.

Despite an enormous increase in demand, particularly for logistics facilities in the north of the region with good links to Leipzig Halle Airport, perfectly suited industrial facilities and land for building can still be found at a number of sites; new buildings and facilities can be built to your specifications in a variety of commercial parks and to a short timescale. New areas covering 150 hectares are currently being developed to avoid any scarcity in the medium term. Despite the strong momentum since 2010, the price of commercial real estate is relatively moderate compared to elsewhere in Germany and in other countries in particular. Annual take-up has been well above 200,000 square metres since 2011, which puts Leipzig among the top regions in this category. The price of industrial facilities in Leipzig is between 2.50 and 4.00 euro per square metre.

The situation is similar for office real estate: vacancy rates have fallen considerably in recent years, even though new premises are constantly being built. Nevertheless, around 480,000 square metres of state-of-the-art office space is available for immediate use. Rents in good locations are still relatively low at less than 10 euro per square metre, with prime rents costing around 12 euro per square metre.

For quick access to all of the most important structural data and real estate opportunities as well as current location offers, you can use ImmoSIS, the database for commercial real estate and industrial property in the Leipzig region, and the Lakeland real estate database

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Commercial real estate database

The Immosis software enables companies to search for suitable real estate to move into. The properties in the ImmoSIS database are continuously updated and can be filtered by region, type and size.

The ImmoSIS real estate database

New Lakeland area commercial real estate

Investors planning to locate their business in the attractive waterfront area will find all of the data they need about the different lakes in Region Leipzig in the New Lakeland catalogue.

Commercial real estate in the New Lakeland area


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